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ConceptReserve is a research-based training firm that specializes in manager transitions and employee engagement. ConceptReserve helps employees transition from individual contributor to manager roles, resulting in higher levels of contribution. The firm also increases employee engagement by helping individuals apply their talents to their work.

CEO John Davis, a leading expert on transitions and the Stages of Contribution, heads up a team of training, consulting, research, marketing, customer service, and programming experts who deliver products and services that are unique in the training industry. ConceptReserve is the exclusive marketer and provider of The Leverage Transition Workshop, the RoleTrak transition assessment, the Transition Roadmap, and other products and services from content provider Conceptual Reserve.

ConceptReserve serves Fortune 500 and other organizations and is headquartered in the Denver, Colorado metro area.
ConceptReserve Clients
Partial list of clients that have utilized our products and services:

Bank of Hawaii
Dade Behring
Dow Jones
Forrester Research
Johnson Controls
Related Management
Lockheed Martin
Lyondell Chemical
People's Bank


ConceptReserve has at its helm a leading expert on manager Transitions and Engagement issues. For more than 24 years, John Davis, the chief executive officer and founder of ConceptReserve, has been involved in developing and applying Transitions and Engagement research (embodied in the Stages of ContributionTM model and ConceptReserve's proprietary research) in some of the largest companies in the world.

He has worked with more than 100 companies including: 3M, Bell Labs, Bank of Hawaii, Brocade, Dow Jones, Fidelity, General Electric, General Mills, Hewitt Associates, Honda, Johnson Controls, Kraft Foods, Kohler, Lockheed Martin, Lucent, Masco, McDonald's, Motorola, Nabisco, People's Bank, Progressive Insurance, Samsung, and Sony Electronics. He has worked internationally in Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, England, Hong Kong, and Mexico.

John oversees ConceptReserve's business, the research and assessments, the development of products and services that constitute the company's unique intellectual property, and workshop instruction. He also conducts executive briefings and key workshop sessions.

The ConceptReserve team has more than 65 years of experience in industry, 50 years in training and consulting, and 40 years working on transition and engagement issues.
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