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Contrary to popular belief, the transition from professional or individual contributor to manager does not automatically occur when an individual is promoted to manager. In fact, research shows that it takes the average individual several years to complete this transition. Unfortunately, most managers - regardless of their level in the company - still haven't completed the transition.

The hard reality is that if individual contributors do not make the transition to manager once they are made managers (exhibited by their psychological approach to their work and their behavior), they will not make the kind of contribution that is expected by the organization.

ConceptReserve provides the training and tools to accelerate the transition of managers into their roles, leading to higher levels of contribution.



The Leverage Transition™ Workshop

The Leverage Transition™ workshop focuses on the critical transition that employees in formal and informal leadership roles must complete to make the contribution expected by the organization. The workshop can be adapted to four different groups that need to start or complete this transition: new managers, experienced managers, managers of managers, and informal leaders. The following tools are used in conjunction with the workshop:

RoleTrakTransition Assessment - This assessment identifies how far the manager has progressed through the transition. It identifies the psychological shift and behavioral changes needed to complete this critical transition. The assessment is repeated in 4-month intervals over a 12-month period to track the individual's progress.

Transition Roadmap™ - This transition plan is created by participants in the Leverage Transition workshop. It is formulated using the individual's RoleTrak assessment and integrates all of the key elements required to transition to the higher contributing role of manager.

Transition Tracking Sessions™ - These conference calls are held 4 and 8 months after the Leverage Transition workshop, reviewing the progress of workshop participants in making their transition using the most recently completed RoleTrak transition assessment. Participants also report on the application of the concepts taught in the workshop to their work.

Public Workshops – join us for a public workshop in one of these cities:

• Denver, CO – June 23 - 24

To register or find out more, email ConceptReserve or call (303) 220-3800

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