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Simply put, managers will make a much greater contribution to their organizations if they fully transition into their managerial roles.  Our research reveals that most managers are stuck somewhere between the individual contributor and manager roles – whether they are newly promoted or have been managers for 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years. 

Likewise, professional employees will make greater contributions, becoming more engaged in their work, if they are properly challenged. Accelerating manager Transitions and increasing employee Engagement are what ConceptReserve focuses on – creating higher levels of contribution for your organization.



The Leverage Transition™ Public Workshops

For more information about upcoming public workshops please email ConceptReserve or call us at (303) 220-3800.



Article in Talent Management Highlights ConceptReserve’s Research

Our five-year study, “The Transition to Manager, Why Most Are Stuck,” is the subject of an article by ConceptReserve’s President and CEO John Davis in October’s Talent Management magazine. The final results reveal that 9 percent of managers are still acting as individual contributors; 66 percent are stuck somewhere in the transition; and 25 percent are fully functioning in their manager role. John analyzes the results and describes ConceptReserve’s research-based solutions. Click here to read the electronic version the article.  

Additional Articles – Preliminary Results of the Transition to Manager Study

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