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The Leverage TransitionTMWorkshop

The Leverage TransitionTM workshop focuses on the critical transition that employees in formal and informal leadership roles must complete to make the contribution expected by the organization. The workshop can be adapted to four different groups that need to start or complete this transition: new managers, experienced managers, managers of managers, and informal leaders. The following tools are used in conjunction with the workshop:

RoleTrakTM- This assessment identifies the actual role a professional is performing for the organization. It identifies the changes needed to make the expected transition to the higher contributing roles of manager or informal leader. The assessment is repeated in 6-month intervals to track the individual's transition.

Transition Roadmap- This transition plan is created by participants in the Leverage TransitionTM workshop. It is formulated using the individual's RoleTrakTM assessment and integrates all of the key elements required to transition to the higher contributing roles of manager or informal leader.

Tracking Sessions- These sessions are held 6, 12, and 18 months after the The Leverage TransitionTM workshop, reviewing the progress of workshop participants in making their transition using the most recently completed RoleTrak assessment. Application of the transition to the participants' work is also reviewed.

TeamTrak & OrgTrak- These reports summarize the feedback from individual RoleTrak reports for a group or an organizational unit. The reports provide the information needed to measure the progress that workshop participants have made on their transitions and provide the necessary ongoing support. TeamTrak summarizes information for a single workshop or intact work group while OrgTrak summarizes information for an organizational unit.

Manager Briefing- In this 20-minute briefing, managers of participants in the Leverage Transition workshop are provided with an overview of key transition elements, how they can support their direct report's transition, and how applying the transition to the participant's work can not only facilitate the individual's transition but also benefit the manager and the company.
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